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02-Oct-2017 22:31

Note that this list will include software installed from the ports tree, as well: when you build and install a port, you are actually creating a package which is then installed on your system; see Section 6.2, “Open BSD ports” for details.This has the nice result that you can upgrade an application that was installed from the ports tree to a newer version from a package repository, or vice-versa.Use a web browser to verify that the shapshot on the site is current. In this particular case, pkg_add crashed when my chosen FTP mirror limited the number of successive connections from my IP address. Open a FTP session to that site, and grab all the bsd* and *files. I raised this on [email protected], and got an answer and a fix almost immediately.

But according to the listing for 5.9 packages, M: Tiers provides some more up-to-date binary packages.

The reader should also be familiar with the basic phases of port building, and understands the concepts of the key targets: fetch, extract, patch, config, build, fake, package, and install.

Obtaining -stable sources, building -stable systems, and building -stable releases are are covered in FAQ 5, the "Following -stable" FAQ, and in the release(8) man page.

This section describes how to configure your system to install software from both the Open BSD binary package repositories and the ports tree.

Readers already familiar with Open BSD system administration may wish to skip over this section.While that’s running, let’s get the download files. This isn’t a big deal, except for those few that must be built as ports because I require something unusual.

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