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To begin, let’s revisit an article that I wrote back in April about real estate: It is very important for investors to realize that the risk-return line that is defined by residential real estate and from REIT’s over the past five years shows a much higher level of return per unit of risk than we have seen over any extended periods of time for real estate or for any other asset classes.Any time that an asset class generates average returns that are substantial higher than the standard deviation in annual return, you can bet that the market is out of balance and will ultimately be due for a correction.

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This leaves you facing several choices regarding when you should walk and how long and how fast your walks should be. In fact, what might be ideal for one person may not be ideal for it used for long distance travel all the time, rather than been standing in a field for months, or only used for racing, etc..) and condition ( it well fed and watered), as well as how heavy a load and the terrain involved.People have taken on too much debt, and now they are defaulting in large numbers.

As always when a market declines quickly, many observers will act as though the situation is driven by some ‘perfect storm’ that threatens to shake the foundations of the markets or at least of the asset class that is having troubles.

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