Dating in colonial america

11-Sep-2017 13:57

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Home production persisted into the nineteenth century but as a fiber, flax became less and less important as methods for cotton production improved and factory-made textiles superseded homespun.: Hillary House Publishers, 1963), p. (Note: Woolfells were skins from which the wool had not been sheared or pulled; flock, inferior fibers added to low-grade fabrics to make them heavier.According to Samuel Johnson, A Dictionary of the English Language, 2 vols. Almost every farmer grew some, and the whole family took part in the processing.

Because of the limits of her sphere, a girl received a very different education from that available to a boy.

Gold box by Clares Le Roux, 1735, given to Alexander Hamilton, Esq., for his defense of freedom of the press in the trial of Peter Zenger.

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