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30-Oct-2017 21:11

Radiocarbon tests of carbonized plant remains where artifacts were unearthed last May along the Savannah River in Allendale County by University of South Carolina archaeologist Dr.

Albert Goodyear indicate that the sediments containing these artifacts are at least 50,000 years old, meaning that humans inhabited North American long before the last ice age.

1947: Upward trend in world production of aluminum begun (Encyclopedia Britannica 1973 (1): 694).

1820-1925: Tooled finish (Jones and Sullivan 1985: 165).

"The dates could actually be older," Goodyear says.

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This dating guide is intended to provide a simple source for the most common artifacts found in archaeological or historic contexts.

Many small ancient metal artefacts such as this are extensively disfigured and suffer substantial degradation as a consequence of the ordeal of being buried for millennia.